The thing about martial arts, you probably didn’t know, is the fact it can keep you young. How is that possible? The answer is simple: Martial arts keep your body and brain active all the time. It forces you to think all the time you need to protect and defend yourself from the opponent, and you need to have a strategy. The combination of moves and the constant pressure keeps you and your brain active all the time. It is the exactly what makes you look younger and fit.

Which one of martial arts is the most recommended?

We usually advise beginners to find the inner truth. Nobody knows what is best for you but you. Look deep inside your soul and hear the whispering of your mind. If you are a live person and you cannot stand still, use the one that will keep you exhausted after training, the one that forces you to use a lot of strength. On the other hand, if you are not a real fighter but still want to train use the one that will force you to dance literally. These once usually are dedicated to moves, not on the fight.

Aikido as the best solution for beginners

Defensive martial art is Aikido. It is the main reason why it is so good for beginners it will introduce you with and prepare for other martial arts, and it is a great solution to learn the basics. Usually, all master of martial arts recommends them as the great solution for level one. They will first give you books and links from You Tube so you can practice moves and then when you feel you overcome the basic steps they offer you to fight with the opponent.

No matter which martial art you decide to train. Every single one of them will keep you alive, active and so young. You will keep your body in an excellent condition, and you will be able to do things that people that are the same age as you cannot even imagine.