In the Japanese language, the word for a uniform is Keikogi. However the majority of people today say gi. Gi in Japanese means clothing. But in the modern era, especially in the west, people use the term kimono, this is the mistake, and it is now difficult to correct it. Kimono traditionally means a garment meant for special ceremonies. In aikido instructors and students use Judo gi, which can be a single or double weave. Still, you are allowed to take Karate gi, but they are not so good for grabbing like Judo gi is. They are usually pre-bleached, but you can also buy one that is not bleached, which has a lot lower price, but the downside is that it can look a little yellow. Gi is sold with the white belt, which is meant for beginners.

How to choose gi

Today you can order your gi online, and the prices vary, but you can also find them in many sports stores. They are very easy to find. If you are looking for men, most men wear size 5, and if you are looking uniform for women, most women wear size 4. If you are buying them online, check the size chart, which you have at the web size, or if you are going to a store, try them one. Buy a gi that is not tight, a gi in which you can move nicely because the fabric can shrink when you wash them.

How to choose gi?

This is not a very simple task; there is light, standard, heavy weight, modern cut, traditional cut, and original cut. A lot of choices and if you are a beginner, this can be hard for you. It is best to use light or semi light model because it is easier for your partner to grasp your gi strongly. The light models are also a lot practical because you can easily train in them in the summer. It is recommended to buy two or three jackets, and where it with you at every session.

How to put gi?

When you want to put on the pants, make sure that the kneepads are going up front, as do the loops that the tying cords go through. Tie it with a regular knot or a bow. When putting on the jacket, the right side goes over left. The left side is on the top, and this is very important to remember. The belt is maybe the most important part and the tricky bit. But don’t worry, after a few practices, you will learn the right way to put it on. Try holding the belt in front of you and hold it in the middle. If you are a beginner ask somebody to help you tie it, they will be glad to help you. And don’t worry, a lot of them had this problem at the beginning of their training. Somebody also had to show them first. Here you are only going to wear a white belt until you earn black one. This is the part of the tradition and the way that was done in the beginnings.