One of the martial arts that has expanded from Japan to others parts of the world is Aikido. The interesting fact about this martial art is that you need to use absolutely everything: pins, joint locks or throws to neutralize the attack. You could notice that it is defensive martial art, but we shouldn’t underestimate it, it can be more than aggressive. The founder of this kind of art is Morehei Ueshiba whose philosophy is that martial art should be a source of life, not death. He added that positive perspective to dangerous martial style.  After a thorough research of so many different martial arts, he realized how important is to keep a positive attitude it every segment of your life, and it is not allowed to abuse this skill, and it should use it only for a defensive purpose.

The resource you can use to learn moves are available in book or on You Tube, it is up to choose which one you are going to use. The best way is to start by yourself so that you can learn all the moves. The moment you feel secure enough is the moment when you should start to fight against your opponents. This way you will spare yourself a lot of beginner’s injuries, and you will be able to overcome the fear.  The fear is good at the beginning it will force you to react and to be fast, to wake up that animal instinct you are hiding from others. You need to have that instinct so you can be able to fight. In martial arts, everything is about defense. If your fear is constantly present, that means something is wrong, and you need to beat it and to fight against it.

Aikido as the best for beginners

Aikido is the best for beginners because it is based on self-defense and its purpose is to fight against attack. But do not let this to fool you. Aikido can be aggressive occasionally, and you should watch your back, well it is about learning how to watch it.