How to dress for aikido?

How to dress for aikido?

In the Japanese language, the word for a uniform is Keikogi. However the majority of people today say gi. Gi in Japanese means clothing. But in the modern era, especially in the west, people use the term kimono, this is the mistake, and it is now difficult to correct it. Kimono traditionally means a garment meant for special ceremonies. In aikido instructors and students use Judo gi, which can be a single or double weave. Still, you are allowed to take Karate gi, but they are not so good for grabbing like Judo gi is. They are usually pre-bleached, but you can also buy one that is not bleached, which has a lot lower price, but the downside is that it can look a little yellow. Gi is sold with the white belt, which is meant for beginners.

How to choose gi

Today you can order your gi online, and the prices vary, but you can also find them in many sports stores. They are very easy to find. If you are looking for men, most men wear size 5, and if you are looking uniform for women, most women wear size 4. If you are buying them online, check the size chart, which you have at the web size, or if you are going to a store, try them one. Buy a gi that is not tight, a gi in which you can move nicely because the fabric can shrink when you wash them.

How to choose gi?

This is not a very simple task; there is light, standard, heavy weight, modern cut, traditional cut, and original cut. A lot of choices and if you are a beginner, this can be hard for you. It is best to use light or semi light model because it is easier for your partner to grasp your gi strongly. The light models are also a lot practical because you can easily train in them in the summer. It is recommended to buy two or three jackets, and where it with you at every session.

How to put gi?

When you want to put on the pants, make sure that the kneepads are going up front, as do the loops that the tying cords go through. Tie it with a regular knot or a bow. When putting on the jacket, the right side goes over left. The left side is on the top, and this is very important to remember. The belt is maybe the most important part and the tricky bit. But don’t worry, after a few practices, you will learn the right way to put it on. Try holding the belt in front of you and hold it in the middle. If you are a beginner ask somebody to help you tie it, they will be glad to help you. And don’t worry, a lot of them had this problem at the beginning of their training. Somebody also had to show them first. Here you are only going to wear a white belt until you earn black one. This is the part of the tradition and the way that was done in the beginnings.

4 reasons to train aikido

4 reasons to train aikido

If you are wondering if this is the type of training for you, let us give you four reasons why aikido is the way to go. Aikido is one of the most popular martial arts today in the world. It became popular thanks to the film industry and actors like Jackie Chen, Steven Segal, Bruce Lee, and many others. We abstracted four reasons why you should give aikido a chance.

  1. It can help you in real combat

It is important to say that fighting in real life and sport fighting are two different things. But let us tell you about little story of how real combat can help you in real life.We ran into a story where a man was attacked by 5 men, and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to fight them all, because he was alone against five strong men. But he also knew that they would tire quickly. So he just decided to implement what he learned at practice, and what he trained week in and week out. He tried to avoid strikes and guide the blows away from him. Because he trained that in every single practice, he was at that level of form, where he manages to avoid every blow, without getting injured or tired. He knew when the punch was coming at him, and managed to take the power of their punch by moving his body in the right way.

  1. It will learn you the right moves

In aikido there, are a few techniques that you learn right from the start. For example, if somebody goes at you with their fist, grab the attackers wrist and he will lose all his power, because the main focus of the power is in the fist. Then move his arm inwards and throw them on the floor. This will be a huge surprise for them and they will be in shock. The key is to use the power the of the attacker against him. Actually you aren’t using any force or violence.

  1. Aikido has its own rules

The focus of aikido is not to hurt somebody, it is not violence, or to choke somebody, to brake arms and legs. Aikido is the way to improve your body and mind, to become one with your body, to strengthen body. Of course if you use training in a negative way, you will be able to hurt somebody, or break their arm. But that is not the point of aikido, and it never was. So if you are looking how to use violence, aikido is not sport for you. Aikido was never designed to fight, and there is no attacked in aikido.

  1. Aikido is the state of the mind

Many people, who choose to train aikido, do it because they like to train like-minded people. They don’t want to be fighters, they don’t want people to be scared of them, and all that they want is a journey. Aikido is about learning new techniques and empowering mind and body.

Discovering the Art of Aikido

Discovering the Art of Aikido

One of the martial arts that has expanded from Japan to others parts of the world is Aikido. The interesting fact about this martial art is that you need to use absolutely everything: pins, joint locks or throws to neutralize the attack. You could notice that it is defensive martial art, but we shouldn’t underestimate it, it can be more than aggressive. The founder of this kind of art is Morehei Ueshiba whose philosophy is that martial art should be a source of life, not death. He added that positive perspective to dangerous martial style.  After a thorough research of so many different martial arts, he realized how important is to keep a positive attitude it every segment of your life, and it is not allowed to abuse this skill, and it should use it only for a defensive purpose.

The resource you can use to learn moves are available in book or on You Tube, it is up to choose which one you are going to use. The best way is to start by yourself so that you can learn all the moves. The moment you feel secure enough is the moment when you should start to fight against your opponents. This way you will spare yourself a lot of beginner’s injuries, and you will be able to overcome the fear.  The fear is good at the beginning it will force you to react and to be fast, to wake up that animal instinct you are hiding from others. You need to have that instinct so you can be able to fight. In martial arts, everything is about defense. If your fear is constantly present, that means something is wrong, and you need to beat it and to fight against it.

Aikido as the best for beginners

Aikido is the best for beginners because it is based on self-defense and its purpose is to fight against attack. But do not let this to fool you. Aikido can be aggressive occasionally, and you should watch your back, well it is about learning how to watch it.

Beginning Your Training, What Martial Art is For You?

Beginning Your Training, What Martial Art is For You?

When it comes to choosing which martial art is the best for you, the best way is to pay attention to your character, and the intention what you want to achieve. The best way is to choose the want that will help you to defeat your bad side and become a better person. Use martial art to build yourself as a person. At the beginning, it is important to know how to defend yourself, and that is the main reason why we recommend Aikido. It is an ideal solution for every beginner because it is made to teach a person how to defend. It is now aggressive, and it forces you to include the entire body.

How to learn Aikido?

There are a lot of books that can teach you how to use Aikido skill. One of them is The Spirit of Aikido. You can use it as self-study option. Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere book is also great because there are a lot of pictures included. Jon Stevens offers you in his Abundant Peace a biography of O-Sensei. There are a lot more others; only these are the most popular and useful.

If you want to be good, you need to practice every day

If you are far away and you are not able to watch classes and attend them, you can use YouTube links and practice at home. If you want to know if you are doing it correctly, you can record yourself and then watch it so you can see what you are doing wrong. However, it is better to attend classes so you can see professional opinion and here what you should improve and how. With the instructor, you will make progress faster than training on your own. It is also better because you will be able to test your strength with your opponents. Aikido is not jogging so you can do it alone, without the opposite side this martial art doesn’t exist. Learn moves with links and test it with others in person.

Practicing Martial Arts Can Keep You Younger

Practicing Martial Arts Can Keep You Younger

The thing about martial arts, you probably didn’t know, is the fact it can keep you young. How is that possible? The answer is simple: Martial arts keep your body and brain active all the time. It forces you to think all the time you need to protect and defend yourself from the opponent, and you need to have a strategy. The combination of moves and the constant pressure keeps you and your brain active all the time. It is the exactly what makes you look younger and fit.

Which one of martial arts is the most recommended?

We usually advise beginners to find the inner truth. Nobody knows what is best for you but you. Look deep inside your soul and hear the whispering of your mind. If you are a live person and you cannot stand still, use the one that will keep you exhausted after training, the one that forces you to use a lot of strength. On the other hand, if you are not a real fighter but still want to train use the one that will force you to dance literally. These once usually are dedicated to moves, not on the fight.

Aikido as the best solution for beginners

Defensive martial art is Aikido. It is the main reason why it is so good for beginners it will introduce you with and prepare for other martial arts, and it is a great solution to learn the basics. Usually, all master of martial arts recommends them as the great solution for level one. They will first give you books and links from You Tube so you can practice moves and then when you feel you overcome the basic steps they offer you to fight with the opponent.

No matter which martial art you decide to train. Every single one of them will keep you alive, active and so young. You will keep your body in an excellent condition, and you will be able to do things that people that are the same age as you cannot even imagine.