Author: Christopher Massey

Discovering the Art of Aikido

One of the martial arts that has expanded from Japan to others parts of the world is Aikido. The interesting fact about this martial art is that you need to use absolutely everything: pins, joint locks or throws to neutralize the attack. You could notice that it is defensive martial art, but we shouldn’t underestimate it, it can be more than aggressive. The founder of this kind of art is Morehei Ueshiba whose philosophy is that martial art should be a source of life, not death. He added that positive perspective to dangerous martial style.  After a thorough research...

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Beginning Your Training, What Martial Art is For You?

When it comes to choosing which martial art is the best for you, the best way is to pay attention to your character, and the intention what you want to achieve. The best way is to choose the want that will help you to defeat your bad side and become a better person. Use martial art to build yourself as a person. At the beginning, it is important to know how to defend yourself, and that is the main reason why we recommend Aikido. It is an ideal solution for every beginner because it is made to teach a...

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Practicing Martial Arts Can Keep You Younger

The thing about martial arts, you probably didn’t know, is the fact it can keep you young. How is that possible? The answer is simple: Martial arts keep your body and brain active all the time. It forces you to think all the time you need to protect and defend yourself from the opponent, and you need to have a strategy. The combination of moves and the constant pressure keeps you and your brain active all the time. It is the exactly what makes you look younger and fit. Which one of martial arts is the most recommended? We...

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