If you are wondering if this is the type of training for you, let us give you four reasons why aikido is the way to go. Aikido is one of the most popular martial arts today in the world. It became popular thanks to the film industry and actors like Jackie Chen, Steven Segal, Bruce Lee, and many others. We abstracted four reasons why you should give aikido a chance.

  1. It can help you in real combat

It is important to say that fighting in real life and sport fighting are two different things. But let us tell you about little story of how real combat can help you in real life.We ran into a story where a man was attacked by 5 men, and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to fight them all, because he was alone against five strong men. But he also knew that they would tire quickly. So he just decided to implement what he learned at practice, and what he trained week in and week out. He tried to avoid strikes and guide the blows away from him. Because he trained that in every single practice, he was at that level of form, where he manages to avoid every blow, without getting injured or tired. He knew when the punch was coming at him, and managed to take the power of their punch by moving his body in the right way.

  1. It will learn you the right moves

In aikido there, are a few techniques that you learn right from the start. For example, if somebody goes at you with their fist, grab the attackers wrist and he will lose all his power, because the main focus of the power is in the fist. Then move his arm inwards and throw them on the floor. This will be a huge surprise for them and they will be in shock. The key is to use the power the of the attacker against him. Actually you aren’t using any force or violence.

  1. Aikido has its own rules

The focus of aikido is not to hurt somebody, it is not violence, or to choke somebody, to brake arms and legs. Aikido is the way to improve your body and mind, to become one with your body, to strengthen body. Of course if you use training in a negative way, you will be able to hurt somebody, or break their arm. But that is not the point of aikido, and it never was. So if you are looking how to use violence, aikido is not sport for you. Aikido was never designed to fight, and there is no attacked in aikido.

  1. Aikido is the state of the mind

Many people, who choose to train aikido, do it because they like to train like-minded people. They don’t want to be fighters, they don’t want people to be scared of them, and all that they want is a journey. Aikido is about learning new techniques and empowering mind and body.