For all requirements, you can contact us, and we will provide you with all necessary information. However, if you need equipment you do not have to worry, we have it all. And those things we do not have in our wide product range we can order for you.

Equip Yourself Right for Your Practices

Without suitable equipment, you won’t be able to train normally. We are aware of this, and that is why we decided to offer you the best possible equipment. You name it we have it or get it in the shortest possible time.

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How to dress for aikido?

In the Japanese language, the word for a uniform is Keikogi. However the majority of people today say gi. Gi in Japanese means clothing. But in the modern era, especially in the west, people use the term kimono, this is the mistake, and it is now difficult to correct...

4 reasons to train aikido

If you are wondering if this is the type of training for you, let us give you four reasons why aikido is the way to go. Aikido is one of the most popular martial arts today in the world. It became popular thanks to the film industry and actors like Jackie Chen, Steven...

Discovering the Art of Aikido

One of the martial arts that has expanded from Japan to others parts of the world is Aikido. The interesting fact about this martial art is that you need to use absolutely everything: pins, joint locks or throws to neutralize the attack. You could notice that it is...

When it comes to the equipment, we simply have it all


We offer you all kind of knives and additional equipment. They can be bought without any license, and they are made for exercise only.

MA Weapons

We also have weapon carry bag where you will be able to find everything from arrows to all kind of knives and everything is well packed.


We offer you taekwondo gloves and a lot of other equipment from wardrobe to shoes such as palnatoke rogue greave and a lot more.

Beginner or Expert, We can help

Whether you are an expert of a beginner, we can help you. On our site besides equipment, you can get a consulting from the most experienced staff. We also offer you a membership that will allow you to obtain a lot of discounts and amenities. You can learn a lot form our professionals.